MIROC and developments in protective equipment for miners

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 804, 1979

PETER F. PULLEN, Chief Environmental Engineer, Rio Algom Limited, Toronto, Ontario

The need to apply the latest available technology to develop better tools and methods to meet problems in the mining industry was recognized by six of Canada's leading mining companies. As a result, MIROC (Mining Industry Research Organization of Canada) was chartered to identify problem areas in Canadian mining and to have research carried out to develop the tools and equipment to meet these perceived needs.The initial activity of MIROC has been in the environmental field, with improved clothing and protective devices being developed by contractors. Work clothing for miners is now being field tested. Respiratory protection and a new personal light source combined in a new "space-age" helmet are about to be issued for testing. Further developmental work is being carried on to offer these units and probably other personal protective devices on an individual basis as well as in a combined package.
Keywords: Underground mining, MIROC, Equipment, Mine equipment, Clothing, Safety, Suits, Helmets, Lamps, Air packs, Batteries.