Mining problems at La Mine Bousquet

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 873, 1985

JOHN F. COOK General Manager, Lac Minerals Ltd., BENNETT McLAUGHLIN Area Mine Engineer, Lac/Bousquet, GILLES BROUSSEAU Mine Superintendent, Lac/Bousquet

La Mine Bousquet commenced operations in October 1979. Mining has been by underground methods from two main zones which dip steeply to the south. Sub-level sloping methods with following fill are used. The orebody and immediate country rocks are sericitic and highly schistose. The intensity of schistosity varies significantly and poor ground conditions prevail, especially within the orebody. Initially few mining problems were encountered but in May 1981, significant damage occurred. A system of stabilizing pillars was introduced with improved support systems. Pre-development in ore and pre-drilling ofblastholes were reduced with extra footwall development. Damage has continued to occur on a regular basis particularly during the spring thaw. Generally, the adverse conditions have been successfully overcome.
Keywords: Underground mining, La Mine Bousquet, Mucking, Drilling, Blasting, Rock bolting, Ground movement.