Mining Practices at Noranda's Boss Mountain Operation

CIM Bulletin, 1970

JACQUES NANTEL, At time of writing - Chief Engineer, Brynnor Mines Limited, Boss Mountain Division, Hendrix Lake, B.C

The molybdenite property of Brynnor Mines Limited, Boss Mountain Division (wholly-owned subsidiary of Noranda Mines Limited), is situated approximately 360 miles northeast of Vancouver on the east slope of Takomkane mountain in British Columbia's Cariboo District. Orebodies at the deposit fall into two categories; quartz breccia, and veins and stringers. The development of the breccia ore zone was started in June, 1964. The bulk of the ore is being mined from the stringer ore zone. The orebody has been divided into 100-foot stopes and pillars. A sub-level blasthole method is used and the broken ore is handled in drawpoints and scram drifts. The development, drilling, blasting and handling of the ore are reviewed. The future pillar recovery operation is also analysed. The paper is also concerned with a scheduled shaft sinking program.
Keywords: adit, Main Ore, molybdenite, South Breccia Zone, stopes, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores, pillar, Pillars, stope, stopes