Mining at Cupra Mines Ltd

CIM Bulletin, 1966

Claude Bourgoin General Superintendent, Cupra .Mines rltd., Stratford, Que

. The Copra massive sulphide deposit occurs as a continuous slab of ore dipping at approximately 40 degrees within a sericite schist formation. The orebody has been delineated over a distance of more than 5,000 feet down dip. This paper is mainly concerned with the mining procedure, and particular reference will be made to the use of steel mill holes and hydraulic roof supports. The gravel backfill line, which is operated both by gravity and hydraulically, is described. The paper mentions some of the operational problems, discusses the feasibility of longwall mining and presents the information obtained from stope testing.
Keywords: longwall, ore, schist, Steel Mill Holes, stope, Mine, Mines, mining, Ore, Ores, stope, stopes