Minimizing failures of truck hoist cylinders and frames

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 805, 1979

J. L BLAYLOCK, Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Section, Unit Rig & Equipment Co., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Normally, the hydraulic system and structures are considered to be unrelated items. In reality, the two cannot be separated because one affects and depends on the other to function properly. This paper explores the potential failure areas of hydraulic cylinders, and suggests possible methods to prevent failures from occurring. The use of high-strength low-alloy steel in frames is reviewed and the benefits discussed. Fabrication techniques and handling of material are noted in the hope that this knowledge will aid in the repair of frames in the field.
Keywords: Hoist cylinders, Frames, Trucks, Equipment, Open-pit equipment, Wear, Steel, Welding, Repairs, Maintenance.