MINI-SOSIE—New High-Resolution Seismic Reflection System

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 793, 1978

Y. Serres and C. Wiles, Geoterrex Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario

In the past, conventional reflection seismic techniques were not very successful when applied to typical mining exploration: they lacked resolution in the shallow range or were not cost effective. By combining a light earth tamper source, special geophones and field procedures, a stacking process of the returning seismic events using a microprocessor system, and a sophisticated sequence of adapted digital data processing, Mini-Sosie achieves high resolution in the 100-ft to 4000-ft range. Additional advantages result from the very quiet nature of the source and flexibility of the system. Although Mini-Sosie might be used in the refraction mode, or for well velocity logging, it has found its main applications with the reflection technique.
Keywords: Exploration techniques, Geophysical exploration, Seismic exploration, Mini-Sosie, Prospecting, Data processing.