Mineral Waters of Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1964

R. Paquet Quebec Dept. of Natural Resources, Quebec City, P.Q.

The term "mineral waters" now refers to spring waters possessing therapeutic properties. They generally contain dissolved mineral salts, which contribute in part to their activity in the organism. There is no officially adopted classification of mineral waters. A number of systems have been used to separate them into categories, each one having a special objective; thus we have classifications based on medicinal properties, the composition of the water or the temperature of the Spring. Various countries have conducted a thorough inventory of their mineral water resources. Everyone is familiar with the name Vichy because the French waters have been the subject of a tremendous amount of research, especially medical research, resulting in the recognition of their therapeutic properties. A good number of mineral springs are known in the Province of Quebec, some of which have been developed on a more or Jess extensive scale. Knowledge of them is limited to physical and chemical properties, but, on the medical side, except for a few persona! opinions, very little has been attempted and the ground remains wide open for scientific research.
Keywords: analysis, Chemicals, classification, hydrogen sulphide, Mineral Springs, Mineral Waters Vichy St. Yorre, parts per million, Quebec., mineral, minerals, Quebec, Water, Waters