Mineral Possibilities of Yukon Territory

CIM Bulletin, 1958

. Yukon, one of the most potentially accessible, relatively undeveloped, regions of Canada, has major mineral possibilities. The Klondike placer gold fields and the Mayo silver lead district are the sole major producers but large base-metal reserves have been discovered in recent years and important asbestos deposits are now being explored. Several major exploration companies are active in this region despite short seasons, permafrost overburden, remoteness, lack of transportation, and resultant high costs. Proposed new roads can be expected to accelerate development. At present the major future mineral possibilities are considered to be lead-zinc, copper, asbestos, silver-lead, gold, and mineral fuels. These and other mineral possibilities are outlined for various geological subdivisions of Yukon. Major favourable metallogenic features of Yukon include complexity of rock types and structures, widening of the Cordillera with cross-trends, and variety and quantity of mineralization found even with limited prospecting. Comparisons with southern 'British Columbia and the U.S. Cordillera suggest that further exploration will result in discovery and development of more major ore deposits and reserve. s which will eventually revolutionize economy of mining in Yukon. Such mineral resources, with interior petroleum and natural gas possibilities, and huge coastal hydroelectric power potential, are the foundations of a much larger future mining industry in Yukon
Keywords: British Columbia, British Yukon Exploration, copper, Precambrian, zinc, copper, Deposits, exploration, mineral, minerals, Yukon