Mineral Discovery in the Canadian Shield Using the Physical Aspects of Overburden

CIM Bulletin, 1971

HULBERT A. LEE, Consultant, Stittsville, Ontario

A REVIEW OF MINERAL DISCOVERIES IN CANADA, and in particular the Canadian Shield, using the physical aspects of overburden reveals a trend in the art of exploration. At an early time of exploration (1847-1954), float and heavy clasts were used successfully to find ore deposits with little knowledge of Quaternary environments. At a later time (1955 to present) , use of Quaternary rock-units for sampling have made possible tracing indicator trains of float, heavy clasts and other ore-type clasts to the source bedrock.
Keywords: Canadian Shield, Canadian Shield, esker, Overburden, Float, Clasts, Quaternary, South-Eastern Quebec, exploration, Gold, mineral, minerals, Quebec, Till