Mine Et:tgineering at Gaspe Copper

CIM Bulletin, 1959


THE Mine Engineering Department at Gaspe Copper is staffed by a chief engineer, assistant enginee r, research engineer, c hief surveyor, four instrument men, chief bonus clerk, draftsman, and a helper pool of four permanent men plus one or two students in the summer. The men are grouped according to function for organization purposes. Routine services provided by the Mine Engineering Department inelude ail surface and underground surveying and mapping, preparation of working drawings, compilation of engineering r eports, recommendations on ventilation, testing the mine air for carbon monoxide, research on mine equipment and its use, and the calculation of incentive bonus. Demand jobs from departments other than the Mine Department .a re done on request. Such jobs may be in the plantsite, the Town of M urdochville, or at the shipping points at Gaspe harbour or the St. Lawrence river
Keywords: Air, Bonus, carbon monoxide, Gaspe Copp er Mines, Quebec Depa, stope, surveying, Mine, Mines, Research, Survey, Surveying, Surveys, Ventilation