Milling a Gold-Bearing Pyrrhotite Ore at Delnite Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1965

C. S. Stevens Mill Superintendent, Delnite Mines Ltd., Timmins, Ont.

This paper describes the problems encountered and the steps taken to solve them in milling an ore containing relatively large amounts of pyrrhotite. A complex and greatly lengthened flotation circuit was required to recover the pyrrhotite. A very low pH had to be maintained in the cyanide circuit in order to get good recovery of the gold and maintain reasonable cyanide recovery.
Keywords: cyanide, Cyanide Tail Assay, Gold-Bearing Pyrrhotite Ore, pH, potassium permanganate, schist, Mill, Mills, Ore, Ores, pH, pyrrhotite, Shafts