CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 792, 1978

David C. Cook, General Mill Superintendent, Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Limited, Cassiar, B.C.

The milling complex, situated just east of the Cassiar townsite, receives raw ore from the tramline and processes it into 105,000 tons per year of milled asbestos fibre. The ore is passed through a concentrator, where a barren rock fraction is removed. The concentrated ore, representing 70% of the feed, is dried, stored and then milled into nine separate fibre classifications. The finished product is packaged into 100-lb bags and loaded into trucks in one-ton units. New air-handling facilities were added in 1977 to provide additional air for environmental control.
Keywords: Cassiar Mine, Asbestos, Milling, Concentrators, Dryers, Ventilation, Tailings disposal.