Microseismic monitoring at Falconbridge Mine, Falconbridge, Ontario

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 868, 1984

G.R. DAVIDGE, Mine Assistant Shift Boss, Falconbridge Limited, Falconbridge, Ontario

Falconbridge Mine has a history of significant microseismic activity dating back to 1955. Since mid-1981, a microseismic monitoring system has been operating in the area around the No. 9 Shaft hoist room located 25 m from the ore zone at a depth of 1200 m. Several mine wide faults dissect this area and have been shown to be microseismic-active due to mining. The microseismic monitor has been interfaced with a small dedicated personal computer and a communications device to perform routine data evaluation and to produce graphical output. The programs are described and selected results from the monitoring program are presented.
Keywords: Rock mechanics, Strata control, Microseismic monitoring, Computers, Falconbridge Mine, Mine faults, Data evaluation, Structural geology