Methodology transfer for the simulation of mineral and coal processing plants

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 840, 1982

D. LAGUITTON Research Scientist, Mineral Dressing Section, Mineral Processing Laboratory CANMET, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, Ottawa

Mathematics, process theory, process practice and computer applications are the main disciplines that contribute to developing useful techniques for computer simulation of mineral and coal processing plants. As in any multidisciplinary effort, communication or transfer mechanisms must be developed to facilitate the flow of experience between participants of different backgrounds. These mechanisms include written reports, verbal communications, workshops and transfer of computer programs. The SPOC project at CANMET is devoted to computer simulation and as such has addressed, or will address in the near future, problems inherent to methodology transfer. The first major output of the project was the material balance program, MA TBAL2, which has been acquired by over 30 organizations. Program documentation, industrial workshops and summer student programs have been used to effect the transfer. This experience is discussed and the future outlined.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Methodology transfer, Coal processing, Modelling, Simulation, Computers, SPOC project, Material balances, MATBAL2.