Metamorphosed Iron Formation in Southwestern Labrador

CIM Bulletin, 1959


The Precambrian sedimentary series of the Labrador geosyncline, including iron formation, extends into southwestern Labrador and adjacent Quebec. The iron formation consisted of primary oxide, silicate, and carbonate facies which were deposited simultaneously in an irregular basin in response to migratory environmental conditions. The iron formation isochemically recrystallized to coarse-grained quartz-iron oxide, iron silicate, and quartz-iron carbonate rocks during prolonged regional metamorphism. The rocks are deformed on two deformation axes intersecting at large angles, and are characterized by isoclinal to recumbent folds. Parts of the formation have been profoundly affected by a post-metamorphic leaching and oxidizing environment.
Keywords: Deposits, facies, hematite, iron oxides, magnetite, quartz, silicate, Iron, Iron formation, Oxide, Rock, Rocks, silicate, Silicates