Metamorphism of Iron-Formations and its Bearing on their Beneficiation

CIM Bulletin, 1961

DURING the past 5 years a large amount of money and effort has been expended in exploration of iron-formations and in testing their suitability for beneficiation. Beds of ferruginous material are numerous and widely distributed in the Precambrian rocks of Canada and practically all of the known iron ranges or belts have been examined to a limited degree at least in an effort to evaluate their potential as sources of iron ore. A number of favorable beds have been selected for mining on completion of surface sampling, diamond drilling, extensive metallurgical testing and economic studies, and many other ranges are being studied. There are still a great many iron formations that have not been evaluated by modern concentration methods and their regional extent is not fully known. The iron-formations are easily located by airborne or ground magnetic surveys but the main task in finding a mineable orebody of this type amounts to locating a bed sufficiently large for mining which consists of material that can be concentrated economically by modern beneficiating methods
Keywords: facies, Grade, hematite, iron oxide, magnetite, metamorphic facies, Metamorphism, Iron, Magnetite, Materials, Metamorphism, mineral, minerals