Metallurgical Practice at Golden Manitou

CIM Bulletin, 1952


Golden Manitou Mines, Limited, nine miles east of the town of Val d'Or in northwestern Quebec, are presently milling, at the rate of 1,000 tons daily, a relatively complex 3.11- phide ore and producing, in decreasing order of value, zinc, silver, ~old, lead, and copper. The products are a zinc concentrate, a silver-lead-copper concentrate, and a silver-gold precipitate from cyanidation. Although several independent preproduction metailurgical investigations into the treatment of the ore were carried out, current practice is different from any of the recommended methods and, while still leaving room for improvement, is considerably more effective than earlier performance. Flow-sheet developments from ~he commencement of operations in 1942 are dealt with briefly, showing the reasons for making numerous changes, the shortcomings of ~he various schemes tried, and, finally, covering data pertinent to presented day practice. From the recovery standpoint, silver has presented the greatest difficulty. The writer's association with the company coincided with the start of production.
Keywords: American Zinc Company, pyrite, Sodium Cyanide, sphalerite, Circuit, Circuits, cyanide, Lead, Silver, zinc, Zinc concentrate, Zinc concentrates