Metallurgical Dust and Collection the Sinter in the Plant Open Hearth

CIM Bulletin, 1962

THE Hamilton Works of The Steel Company of Canada is a fully integrated steel plant with an annual capacity of three million ton s. Located on the south shore of Hamilton bay, it is in the centre of Hamilton 's industrial belt. The heavy concentration of industrial activities found in this area, accompanied by other well-known sources of pollution which are normal to urban areas . is creating a pollution problem which concerns both industry and the general public. The Steel Company of Canada has recognized this problem and, accordingly, has adopted the policy of integrating suitable pollution control devices into its new installations. Much effort is also being expended to control the emissions of air contaminants from the existing equipment
Keywords: Air, Dust, Furnaces, Heat, lancing, open hearth furnace, oxygen, precipitator, sinter, Loading, Oxygen, Precipitators, Sinter, Waste, Wastes