Metallurgical cokes from oxidized highly caking coals

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 803, 1979

B. IGNASIAK, D. CARSON, P. JADERNIK and N. BERKOWITZ, Fuel Sciences Division, Alberta Research Council, Edmonton, Alberta

Laboratory studies suggest that improvements of coke strength brought about by pre-heating caking coals before carbonization accrue from inadvertent oxidation rather than from other low-temperature changes in the coal mass. Controlled oxidation of highly caking coal, followed by laboratory carbonization, produces cokes which, in terms of a laboratory scale tumble test index, are equivalent to those obtained from prime metallurgical blends. Appropriately formulated blends of exhaustively oxidized and fresh caking coal similarly yield cokes with strength indices comparable to those of cokes made from the same coal after oxidation under optimum conditions.
Keywords: Coke, Metallurgical coke, Coal, Caking coal, Fuels, Appalachian coals, Oxidation, Dilatation, Fluidity.