Metallurgical Coke in Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1955

A NOT INCONSIDERABLE proportion of the Canadian economy is dependent on the coal mining industry. This is particularly true of the eastern portion of Canada and especially so of the ( authors') province of Nova Scotia. Mucl1 has been said about the trying economy straits of the coal industry in Nova Scotia ( 1), faced, as it is, with difficult mining problems, witl1 considerable distance from large markets, and with competition from other (and usually foreign) fuels. It is of particular interest, at this time, therefore, to discuss one of the larger outlets for coal - that of the production of metallurgical coke
Keywords: Acadia Coal Company, blast furnace, Coke .......... ., coke ovens, Nova Scotia, Canadian, Coal, Coke, Cokes, Iron, Plants, steel, Steels, sulphur