Metallogenic Maps in Their Preparation Quebec: and Use

CIM Bulletin, 1967

Roger Sirois Jean Dugas Mineral Deposits Service, Quebec Dept. of Natural Resources, Quebec, P.Q

The Mineral Deposits Service of the Quebec Department of Natural Resources is engaged in the preparation of metallogenic maps as a contribution to the Canaqian Sub-Committee of the Metallogenic Map of North America. The preliminary work is being done on large-scale maps. The main objective is to clearly represent information on ore deposits in a suggestive way. The design of the legend to meet these requirements is discussed. As these maps are stiJl only descriptive, a further step will be the interpretation of data into metallogenic maps with Jess emphasis on the individual deposits and more on the metallogenic factors. Both types of map should prove useful in the search for ore deposits; the first by providing at once a large amount of information, the second by suggesting the ore controls.
Keywords: Mineral, Quebec City, Canadian Shield, ore genesis, tectonic