Metal Mining and 'the Enviro.nment - Where Does the Industry Stand?

CIM Bulletin, 1972


I mention this because many might, and perhaps rightly, consider that an added qualification in presenting a report of what the industry has accomplished. Indeed, I am not here to blindly defend all of its actions and inactions in respect to environmental control over the years. Nor am I here to seek absolution of the industry's past transgressions - if indeed that is the word. Mistakes might be a better one. I concluded some time ago that the effects of those mistakes are too difficult to assess against the sea of errors of our total society. I should mention too that I am not an environmental engineer or specialist - only a portion of my interest is involved with this field.
Keywords: Canada, Control, Controls, Eastern Canada, mining, sulphuric acid, tailings, mining, Mining industry, tailings, Water, Waters