Mercury Analysis in Geochemical Exploration

CIM Bulletin, 1969

L. M. AZZARIA, Département de Géologie et Minéralogie, Université Laval, Québec; G. R. WEBBER, Department of Geological Sciences, McGill University, Montreal

The wide interest in the application of the geochemistry of mercury to mineral exploration is leading to the continued development of a variety of analytical methods for the determination of nanogram quantities of this element. The various methods have different degrees of reliability, sophistication and portability. In this investigation, two simple portable instruments were used in geochemical prospecting surveys - an ultraviolet absorption instrument and a similar one modified with gold for the removal of interfering substances. The results show the application of the method to the determination of mercury in soils of different organic content, and in rocks, sulphides and air.
Keywords: analysis, Central British Columbia, McGill University, Mercury in Jasperoid Samples, Mercury Vapour Detector, ppb, Furnaces, Gold, Heating, Materials, Mercury, Soil, Soils