Melting of Quality Basic Electric Steel

CIM Bulletin, 1948


A brief history of the electric arc furnace process of steel-making is given. The greater relative importance of this method of steel manufacture to the Canadian steel industry, as compared with its importance in the steel industry of the United States, is shown. The scope of the process is outlined and brief mention is made of the difficulty of obtaining melting stock low in alloy content. The physical chemistry of steel-making is discussed at length in simple terms, with emphasis on oxidation, de-oxidation, and the role of hydrogen. Carbide-type and silicon-type slags are described and the particular usefulness of each is outlined. The importance of various factors in the melting practice is evaluated on the basis of practical experience.
Keywords: arc furnace, iron oxide, Manganese Manganese, slag, Carbon, Furnaces, Iron, Oxide, Silicon, Slag, Slags, steel, Steels