Mechanized narrow vein mining at the Dome Mine, Timmins, Ontario

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 79, No. 885, 1986

BRIAN E. ROBERTSON, Mine Superintendent, Dome Mine, Dome Mines Limited

This paper summarizes work carried out at the Dome Mine to mechanize the mining of narrow veins of less than 1.5 m in width by the introduction of new mining methods and specifically designed electric LHDs. Extensive mining trials have been conducted using sublevel blast hole, modified Avoca, and resuing mining methods. The introduction of the Microscoop and the Jarvis Clark remote, radio-controlled scooptram has increased mucking productivity. As a result of this work, additional narrow vein slopes are now being prepared for production. In the future, narrow vein sloping will provide a greater percentage of the total mill tonnage.
Keywords: Underground mining, Narrow vein mining, LHD mining, Sublevel blasthole sloping, Avoca method, Resuing, Cut-and-fill mining, Sloping, Hydraulic filling, Drilling, Blasting, Dome Mine