Mechanization with Crawler-Mounted Loaders in Mines of Century Coals Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1951


THOSE concerned with coal mining operations in Alberta have been asked repeatedly the same question, "Why is mechanization in Alberta proceeding so slowly as to lag far behind the mines in the United States?" This question is often asked in such a manner as to indicate that a severe reprimand is overdue to the mining engineers of this Province for their apparent indifference to the problem of improving their mining operations by increased mechanization. To the average person, unacquainted with mining condition and problems, mechanization appears to be simply a matter of introducing equipment to load coal underground and, once this is done, substantial economies in operating costs will automatically follow. Invariably, those who have followed this simple reasoning have found, to their regret, that such is not the case and that effective mechanization involves something more than the mere process of introducing loading equipment into a mine.
Keywords: Coal, coal mining, Drumheller, mechanized, mine, Equipment, Loading, Mechanical, mechanization, Mine, Mines, mining, Operation