Mechanical Maintenance in Trackless Sub-Level Caving at Craigmont Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1970

A. K. CROTEAU, Plant Superintendent, Craigmont Mines Limited, Merritt, B.C.

At Craigmont Mines Limited, Merritt, B.C., the mining practice of trackless sub-level caving was started in the latter part of 1966. This type of mining was new to the mine personnel and the mining industry of Canada as a whole. Sub-level caving has presented many old and a number of new problems in maintaining the equipment used in this method. This paper will deal with some of these problems as they affect this particular mining operation. It will be impossible to review all phases of the equipment, but an attempt will be made to cover the most pertinent aspects in maintaining the drilling, mucking and hauling, and auxiliary equipment.
Keywords: Atlas Copco, Craigmont Mines Ltd., diesel engine, Pressure relief valve, Unimog, Drill, Drills, Maintenance, Model, Models, Scooptrams, service, Services, Tires