Material testing and evaluation for wear application

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 90, No. 1012, 1997

W. Pascheto, Metallurgical Technology Centre ,Falconbridge Limited, Falconbridge, Ontario, and N. Behnood, Noranda Technology Centre, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Laboratory wear tests are important tools that can be used for the evaluation of materials for wear applications and mitigation of wear problems in the mining industry. However, laboratory test parameters must be fully characterized and test results must be carefully interpreted if a material selection is to be made. Failure to do so may lead to erroneous conclusions. Suitable laboratory tests are valid only if they reflect the field conditions to which materials are subjected. Therefore, it is important to know, in detail, the field conditions, as well as the wear test techniques being considered. It is important to recognize the limitations of the various wear tests and the wear test data published in the literature. This work will review present wear testing technology, including the various wear tests available, wear test equipment and test limitations. Several wear test procedures will be related to common equipment used in the mining industry.