Massive Sulphide Deposits In Nova Scotia

CIM Bulletin, 1960


AT PRESENT, it is not certain that any of the sulphide deposits in the Province of Nova Scotia attain the lower grade limit of GO per cent sulphides over the minimum area of 1,000 square feet suggested as eut-off specifications for inclusion in this Symposium. However, several of them do inelude massive sections of substantial size and others represent concentrations of sulphide material that are well above average. It is felt, therefore, that a tentative classification of the deposits and presentation of their geological settings are justified and may help round out the gene tic aspects of this study. Accordingly, data considered to be the most pertinent are assembled here in the event that some may fit into larger -scale patterns of mineralization that may take shape as a result of this investigation.
Keywords: 20 percent Sphalerite . . . . . . . ., barite, Galena ., Orebodies Pyrite . . . . ., Windsor limestones., Deposits, limestone, Mine, mineralization, Mines, sulphide, Sulphides