Marketing and Utilization of Copper 1n Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1962

I WILL begin this presentation by citing the annual per capita use of copper in Canada. This is best calculated by t aking r efinery domestic sales, plus imports of the products of foreign fa bricating mills c\•ery little r efin ery copper is imported ), and deducting the exports of Canadian mills. No attempt has been made to estimate the copper content of imports or exports of machinery, motors, et c., but the trade ba lance here is proba bly against Canada. In any event, we find th at, t ho ugh varying somewhat since the war, the estimated yearly per capita figure has reached a high of 18 pounds. This is practically on a p ar with th e United States. The r est of the world uses an average of about 2 pounds p er capita, yearly, though this includes some countries, such as Sweden, Germany and England, whi ch consume much better than average quantities . It looks, therefore, as if the Canadian copper industry has not (as has been generally charged ) been asleep after all
Keywords: Cables, Canada, Canada, Canadian Brass, Copper Products Development Association, London, Ontario, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Canadian, copper, Exports, Mill, Mills, Tubes