Marconaflo and Its Use In New Mineral Developments

CIM Bulletin, 1972

M. J. FRASER and L. P. CONNOLLY, Marcona Corporation, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Hydraulic transport of solids has long been an important technique in mining and beneficiation. More recently, slurry pipelines have proved to be economic for longdistance overland transport of many commoditieis, including iron ore concentrates and coal. Now, the Marconaflo system brings the many advantages of hydraulic transport to bulk storage, loading, transportation and unloading of ships and other carrying equipment, thus providing important new means for delivering mineral commodities to market. In this paper, the authors describe the Marconaflo system and the potential economies which can be realized when applying it for loading, transporting, storing, reclaiming and blending a variety of mine.ral commodities, using several commercial installations as examples.
Keywords: Concentrate, Concentrates, fluorspar, iron ore, long tons, slurry, specific gravity, iron ore, Iron ores, Loading, Slurry, Storage, Systems