Mapping Complex Folds in the Slocan Series British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, 1952


DR. D DERRY (Ventures Limited) referring to the diagram (Figure 15) which shows a transverse structure section across the Central Slocan area, asked what the assumed structure at depth was, remarking that dips are steeper and more uniform at depth and that the contortions with gently-dipping axial planes are at higher elevations. H e wondered whether the section represented ,part of a very large fold with steeply-dipping axial plane. MR. J. D. LITTLE (Canadian Exploration, Limited) replied that E. B. Mayo (Kelowna Exploration Company) and others had considered that the entire section illustrated faces to the southwest and represents part of the lower limb of a great overturned syncline which is concave toward the southwest.
Keywords: British Columbia, Consolidation, limestone, limestone, ripple mark, Slocan -series, Upper Triassic, Mapping, Rock, Rocks, Structure, Survey, Surveys