Manufacture and Uses of Saskatchewan Saltcake

CIM Bulletin, 1958


ONLY IN THE Province of Saskatchewan is natural sodium sulphate found in Canada in amounts large enough to make recovery economically sound. Geologists have estimated that the numerous deposits within the Province contain upwards of 200 million tons of Glauber's salt. There are twenty-one deposits in the Province which contain 500,- 000 or more tons and about two dozen with lesser amounts. The first recorded production of sodium sulphate in Saskatchewan was in 1918. The company concerned, and others that attempted to develop the industry in its early stages, were unsuccessful. Their failures were caused by two main factors - lack of knowledge of efficient operating methods and the unstable market situation for the finished product. Toda y, the situation is changed in both respects and the product, commonly referred to as saltcake", is a very important chemical requirement of many industries throughout the world. Before proceeding with remarks on manufacturing methods it should be stated that, although this is a general paper on the manufacturing methods and end uses of the saltcake produced in the Province, the writer is, of course, more familiar with the plants operated by Saskatchewan Minerals than with other operations and perhaps may be excused for dealing more particularly with the plants of that Company.
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