Manpower and the Mineral Industries

CIM Bulletin, 1967

P. M. Dranchuk University of .,\lberta, Edmonton, Alta.

SINCE their inception, the mineral industries have, from time to time, been confronted by various and sundry problems. These have been identified, attacked and solved by means of a slow methodical process peculiar to these industries. During the past decade, these industries have experienced increasing difficulty in attracting and retaining an adequate supply of manpower. This poses a situation which seems to be unlike those that came before it in that it appears to be immune to those methods of attack which were successful in the past. Despite various attacks upon the problem, its seriousness appears to be increasing at an increasing rate. The point bas now been reached where the President of AIME recently expressed the opinion that this is the most serious problem facing these industries at this time (1). Another observer bas gorre so far as to state, "Given the motivation and the determination, the crisis in mineral education in Canada, can, in time be met. But it will take a generation if we Start DOW (2)".
Keywords: Mineral Industries Dr. Dranchuk, Calgary, manpower, philosophy, Edmonton