Manitoba's new mining tax

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 809, 1979

R. D. BROWN, F.C.A., Price Waterhouse & Co.

Manitoba has now joined Ontario and Quebec in providing for new incentives and lower tax rates for the mining industry. A single rate of tax (to replace the former two-tier royalty), an investment tax credit and a relatively straightforward set of rules for calculating taxable mining profits are the main features of new mining tax legislation announced by Manitoba's Finance Minister Donald W. Craik in his May 15, 1979 budget address.On introducing amendments to reform The Metallic Minerals Royalty Act, the Finance Minister indicated that the new tax regime is intended to restore the Manitoba mining tax system to a competitive position in Canada, and should result in renewed investment in the province's mining industry. In this regard, the government could be right—there is little question that the new tax regime will produce greater incentives for the mining industry than the two-tier royalty system introduced by the New Democratic government in 1975.The proposed changes, contained in Bill 57, would largely be effective January 1, 1979.