Managing Occupational Hygiene Hazards Across Multiple Sites


Bryan Wilson, Golder Assoicates Ltd

An increased focus is being placed on the health aspect of health and safety, and mining companies are actively looking to minimize worker exposures to hazardous environments in the workplace. Mining companies operating across multiple sites and regions often face the challenge of managing their worker exposures against differing regulatory jurisdictions and requirements.  Occupational health and hygiene (OH&H) practices are important for minimizing these exposures. However, understanding the range of OH&H management practices that are being utilized at each site, as well as corporately, are critical to understanding the effectiveness of corporate policy in minimizing worker exposures to hazardous agents and meeting local regulatory requirements. This presentation will introduce an effective approach for conducting a baseline OH&H gap assessment of site level and corporate activities across multiple jurisdictions. Six key OH&H program elements will be discussed as well as best practice criteria for each element.
Keywords: Hygiene, Health, Occupational, Environment, Assessment, Best Practices