Management of socio-economic impact analysis for resource development

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 812, 1979

WILLIAM E. STANLEY, Partner, JOHN E.L FARROW, Principal, Currie, Coopers & Lybrand Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

The paper examines the problems that arise in undertaking socio-economic impact studies to meet the requirements of environmental-impact legislation governing new mine development or expansion. An approach to undertaking socio-economic impact studies is outlined, responses to specific problems are discussed and ways in which the mining company can use these studies to meet its general objectives are explored.The paper concludes by examining how a socio-economic study, as required by legislation, can be used to assist the mining company in achieving some general objectives it will have in developing a mine.
Keywords: Environmental control, Socio-economic studies, Resource development, Legislation, Approvals, Governments, Mining projects.