Major savings and production efficiencies with wear-resistant ceramics

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 834, 1981

P.A. VERHEY, General Manager, Industrial Ceramics Division, Williams & Wilson Limited, Scarborough, Ontario

This paper describes a series of wear-resistant ceramic materials which have been successfully used in the mineral processing industry in Canada. Applications include use with metallic ores, coal, potash and asbestos, and in other processes where wear degradation is of major concern. The paper will also deal with considerations involving the selection of the different ceramic materials available. It will cover the installation of ceramic materials on support structures under varying process conditions, as well as the other physical and chemical factors which have to be taken into account.
Keywords: Equipment, Ceramics, Wear resistance. Mineral processing, Aluminas, Silicon carbide, Silicon nitride, Abrasion, Impact, Corrosion.