Major cleat trends in Alberta Plains coals

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 802, 1979

JOHN D. CAMPBELL, Associate Research Officer, Alberta Research Council, Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta Plains coals exhibit an almost rectilinear system of vertical fracturing called "cleat", which is best traced by mapping true bearings of underground coal mine rooms. The cleat pattern is approximately conformable with a pattern of surficial features and a pattern of bedrock jointing in the Alberta Plains, and with the trend of the Rocky Mountain Trench, but not with the distribution pattern of coal rank nor with the trend of the eastern boundary of the Rocky Mountains and Foothills physiographic province. The processes resulting in cleat remain in doubt, but cleat is always of practical importance in extracting coal from deeply buried deposits.
Keywords: Coal mining, Alberta plains coal, Cleat, Underground mining, Bearings, Fracturing