Major Bulk Loading and Storage Facilities at Port Moody, B.C.

CIM Bulletin, 1969

A. O. FERNIE, Project Administrator and Co-ordinator; A. H. HARVEY, Mechanical Design Co-ordinator, Wright Engineers Limited; M. DeLANGEN, Electrical Design Engineer, M. A. Thomas & Associates Ltd.

A large-scale expansion to Pacifie Coast Bulk Terminals Ltd. has now been completed and placed in operation. The original plant, built approximately eight years ago, consists of the direct rail-car to ship transfer of bulk commodities. The extension includes additional rail-car unloading, a transfer house system for directing commodities to storage or ship, major storage and reclaim facilities, a second shiploader and a second deep-sea berth. In addition to the facilities for overseas shipments, a wood-chip loader and a barge berth have been installed for domestic shipments of wood chips and, occasionally, for other local commodities.
Keywords: Car dumpers, coal, conveyors, hopper car, potash, rotary car dumper, Control, Controls, conveyors, Materials, Shiploaders, Storage, Systems