Maintenance planning and material management systems in productivity improvement in large mining operations

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 954, 1991

S. Srinivasan and R. Cote, MET-CHEM Canada Inc., Montreal, Quebec

India is undergoing a massive electrification program using local coal to provide fuel for thermal generating plants. The Rajmahal mine in northern Bihar is scheduled to produce coal at the rate of 10 million tonnes per year by the end of a sixty-six month contract with MET-CHEM Canada Inc. for mine development. In order to control maintenance performance and warehouse inventory MET-CHEM is installing some proven computer-controlled programs and will provide extensive training to ensure that the systems are properly used. The programs are Maintenance Planning and Control System (MFCS) and Materials Management System (MMS), both of which were developed and used by Quebec Carder Mining Company at its iron ore mine in northern Quebec. In addition, a Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) using vibration analysis will be introduced. This paper discusses the three systems.
Keywords: Maintenance, Material management, Equipment.