Maintenance of Wear Materials on Open-Pit Equipment at Hilton Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1969

A. MUCHA, Maintenance Superintendent, K. D. GENN, Ass't. Maintenance Superintendent, Hilton Mines Limited, Shawville, Que.

This paper deals with Hilton Mines' approach to the maintenance of wear items such as truck boxes, shovel buckets, tractor pads, crawler sprocket idlers and t he dropball. Each will be given a brief. description as to application, design, kind of materials involved and type of wear. The maintenance procedure is then out lined in terms of materials used, preliminary preparation, and welding and machining practices. The service history of new and repaired items and the relative economics of repair vs replacement will then be presented.
Keywords: alloy steel, grouser, manganese steel, oxy-acetylene torch, welded, Bars, Maintenance, Materials, Mines, shovel, Shovels, wear