Maintenance Control at Algoma's Macleod Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1973

C. A. CAMPBELL, Superintendent - Maintenance & Services, Algoma Ore Division, The Algoma Steel Corporation , Ltd., Wawa, Ontario

There has been a significant reduction in maintenance hours and improved performance by maintenance crews at the MacLeod mine since the introduction of a Maintenance Control system which includes the use of maintenance standards. This paper deals with the steps taken to develop and implement the program. The objectives of the program and the organization and training of the control group are outlined. The work-order system, standards application, classification of work and the preventive maintenance procedures will be discussed. All maintenance information is processed on a Model 360-20 IBM computer, which turns out maintenance records and control reports for management action. Information in these reports, and reasons for reporting, will be discussed and the benefits resulting from the program reviewed.
Keywords: Control, Controls, department, preventive maintenance, siderite, sinter, Wawa, Ontario, Equipment, Maintenance, Plants, Repairs, Reports, Standards