Low-grade iron ore for high-quality steel: India's Kudremukh iron ore project

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 810, 1979

L E. FISCHER and E. HAY, Canadian MET-CHEM Consultants Limited, Montreal, Quebec

The background for the 630-million-dollar-plus iron ore project at Kudremukh is outlined. The system and plants for mining, crushing, concentrating, transporting via a slurry pipeline, filtering and shiploading 7.5 million metric tons of iron ore per year are fully described. The mode of operation and the problems encountered in such a transfer of North American technology to developing countries are analyzed. Difficulties encountered during construction are discussed and the progress milestones made over a two-year period are enumerated.
Keywords: Iron ore, India, Kudremukh project, Open-pit mining, Drilling, Blasting, Loading, Haulage, Crushing, Conveyors, Magnetic circuits, Gravity circuits, Slurry pipelines, Tailings, Water supply, Power supply, Control systems.