Longwall Bottom-Belt Conveying in Thin Seams on Vancouver Island

CIM Bulletin, 1953


AS COMPARED with coal mines in the United States, and even with some of thai.se in eastern Canada, the coal: mines of western Canada, generally speaking, have made little progress toward mechanization at the working 1£aces. So far a:s Vancouver island is concerned, there are three main reasons ,for this : ( 1 ) in some areas, conditions easy for hand-loading but unsuitable for mechanical loading make high outputs per man possible by the former method; (2) faulting of the coal seams in some areas precludes longterm planning and the introduction and efficient use of expensive equipment; (3) thinness •and other characteristics of the seams in many areas favour hand-loading.
Keywords: Canada, coal, conveyors, mine, shaker, Coal, conveyors, Loading, Mine, Mines, mining, Operation, trial