Loads on Friction Props on a Longwall Face

CIM Bulletin, 1965

H. Zorychta Mining Engineer, Fuels and Mining Practice Division, Mines Branch, Department at Mines and Technical Surveys, Glace Bay, Nava Scotia; G. S. Merrill Field Engineer, Mining Engineering Department, Dominion Coal Company Limited, Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Based on underground measurements made at the Nova Scotia coal mines of the Dominion Coal Company, Limited, this paper presents a comparison between the physical properties of hardwood packs and steel friction props when used for longwall support. The probable loads supported by steel friction props on a longwall face at both the Dominion No. 20 Colliery and the Princess Colliery are delineated, and the results of the tests are presented in graphical form . It is concluded that the steel friction props are more efficient than the hardwood packs that they replaced as roof supports.
Keywords: East Longwall, friction, load cell, props, Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Friction, Load, Loading, Mine, Mines, steel, Steels, Yield