lndustrial Development in British Columbia Past, Present, and Future

CIM Bulletin, 1958

IT SEEMS particularly appropriate that, in celebrating its Diamond Anniversary, the Canaàian Institute of Mining and Metalturgy chose our Province of British Columbia as its locale in this, our own Centennial year. I am sure your organization is j ustifiably prouà of its achievements and growth over the period of its sixty years, and we, for our part, are justifiably proud of our growth over our first one hundred years. With your kind indulgence I propose to talk to you today abôut our industrial growth, or, to put it another way, to highlight, historically, our progress in industrial development over the past one hundred years, and to take the liberty of speculating on what we may reasonably look forward to over the next few years
Keywords: British Columbia, Crown Colony of British Columbia, Douglas fir, Lower Mainland, secondary industry, Vancouver Island, Development, Developments, Growth, industrial, Markets, mining, Power, Vancouver