ln-situ Analysis of Coal by Borehole Logging Techniques

CIM Bulletin, 1971

D. R. REEVES, Director and General Manager, BPB Industries (Instruments) Ltd., Leicestershire, U.K.

This paper describes the geophysical Jogging of coal that is being carried out for the National Coal Board in the United Kingdom. An explanation of the technique is given and results are presented showing estimations of seam thickness to within ±0.5 in. and ash content to accuracies of ±2.5 per cent. The basic method of interpretation is outlined and sorne conclusions regarding the conditions of roof and floor material which may be deduced from the logs are explained. An indication of future developments in this field, including the identification of coal type and moisture content, is given.
Keywords: analysis, Ash, borehole, coal seams, gamma ray, National Coal Board, Boreholes, Coal, Coal seams, Density, Density logs, Logs, Resistivity