Liveable Communities

CIM Bulletin, 1972

WARNETT KENNEDY, Planning Consultant and Architect, Vancouver, B.C.

GENUINE CONCERN for the environment is a built-in attitude of mind. If you do not have it by age 40 you probably never will. Some people speak the jargon of 'environment' and 'ecology' for political reasons, others because it feeds their need and bias toward attitudes of moral indignation or dissent. Others pay lip-service for purely business reasons. Complete reactionaries equate conservationists, ecologists and environmentalists as either 'commies' or 'pinkos'. Their real credo is the old saying, "Where there's muck there's brass." Those who have genuine concern for good environment are not only romantics like Thoreau but realists who sense the danger to our planet if human greed is rampant and unchallenged.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, Fraser Valley, greenbelt, Ottawa, Vancouver, Development, Developments, Environmental control, Environmental controls, Ottawa, Planning, Valley, Vancouver