Liquid solvent extraction of Hat Creek coal

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 880, 1985

G.M. KIMBER, National Coal Board, Stoke Orchard, England, M.M. PAPIC, B.C. Hydro, Vancouver, British Columbia

Hat Creek coal was treated by the liquid solvent extraction process in a continuous plant at the U.K. National Coal Board Coal Research Establishment. Extraction levels of over 80 per cent dry-mineral-matter-free (dmmf) coal were achieved. Total light oil yield was around 47 per cent of the dmmf coal. The light oil was shown to be a good feedstock for secondary refining into gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel. In spite of the high mineral matter content of the coal the solid residue was successfully removed from the coal extract by filtration.
Keywords: Coal extraction, Liquid solvent extraction, Filtration, Coal liquefaction, Hydrocracking, Hat Creek coal.